Your service desk may not be staffed around the clock but your ServicePRO self-service portal is always ‘open for business’.

ServicePRO self-service portal empowers your users to:

ServicePRO’s predefined templates makes it easy to log request, collecting all the information you need to efficiently process the request. Using templates also makes it easy to apply automation rules in ServicePRO’s workflow engine.

Selecting a "New Employee Request"

Main Tab of a New Employee Request

When a ‘new employee request’ is selected from the drop down, the main tab appears as usual, but in addition, custom fields in two additional tabs appear:

User Details of the New Employee Request

Requirements Tab of the New Employee Request

End Users can Track Their Own Requests

Since end users can follow progress on their requests, call volume to your service desk is dramatically reduced. In addition to active tracking, requesters can be automatically notified whenever action is performed on one of their requests.

Request History for an End User

System Announcements

Avoid the usual flood of phone calls and requests that accompany changes or system events by posting system announcements. You can advise users of planned outages, known situations, or upcoming company events, and more.

Refreshing Corporate Knowledge is an Asset

Instead of answering the same question over and over, organizations can save time and money by building an online knowledge base. Help your end-users to resolve their common issues through Best Solutions in your service desk’s knowledge base which will potentially reduce number of requests logged to your help desk

Collaboration and Communication

End users can get notifications when their requests are updated. End users can also set reminders and receive instant messages from the support staff who are servicing their request.

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