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The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust serves the communities of North Manchester, Bury, Rochdale and Oldham, along with the surrounding towns and villages. This area is collectively known as the North-East sector of Greater Manchester and has a population of around 820,000. It is a large Trust with a total operating budget of over £500,000 GBP (Approx. $700,000 USD).

Its main commissioners are NHS Bury, NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale, NHS Oldham and NHS Manchester. The Pennine Acute Trust has been a client of Help Desk Technology since 1999 and currently uses ServicePRO.

Portering Services previously had a purely manual means of dispatching porters and receiving requests. This consisted of a single phone line per hospital with a Portering Supervisor acting as a dispatcher answering calls. When a request was received, it would be recorded on a log sheet and be assigned to a porter via two-way radio.

While this process did work, it presented numerous issues. There was a bottleneck at dispatch, as only one phone call could be received at any one time. Individual porters were unable to view all pending requests for the site and pick up the next job without being assigned by the dispatcher. This was inefficient, as porters could design themselves better routes with a full view of all pending moves and not being limited to the next request in the log sheet.

Additionally, the absence of tracking meant that Portering Services could not report on the performance of porters, whether individually or as a whole, and also had no objective reference to use when facing complaints from departments on timeliness.

The Pennine Acute Trust was tasked with bringing the Portering Services department into the 21st century by implementing an electronic portering system. Portering Services reviewed several dedicated portering solutions available on the market, but were unsatisfied with the associated costs, having been quoted as much as £300,000 GBP (approx. $424,500 USD) for installation and £100,000 GBP (approx. $141,500 USD) yearly repurchase of licenses.

Before committing to such a high initial and recurring annual cost, Portering Services reached out to Information Management and Technology for a better solution. The Portering Services department was then integrated with ServicePRO, already being used by IM&T. Using the Self Service Portal, clinical staff can log portering requests immediately and receive confirmation they were received.

Porters are each assigned a mobile device, which they use to view the Self Service Portal as Support Reps and pick up portering requests. Through the use of business rules to dispatch incoming requests, some are passed directly to the porter queue, and others are dispatched to a manager review queue to be assessed and allocated as appropriate.

By implementing ServicePRO, Portering Services has dramatically improved its timeliness, efficiency and accountability. Clinical staff were initially hesitant about the new system, fearing this change to the established norm would actually increase the existing problems, but were impressed after their brief training sessions, often asking ‘Is that it? Is that all I have to do?’ They then saw immediate improvement in the response time of porters, and also enjoyed greater accountability. There is a clear audit trail on each request logged, and nothing slips through the cracks. In the fast-paced environment of a hospital, having to call the Portering Services dispatch numerous times waiting for the line to become available was a frustrating and costly waste of clinical resources. With the Self Service Portal implementation, clinical staff no longer have to wait, and can submit their requests immediately.

This has been so effective that the dispatch phone line for Portering Services in each hospital was decommissioned, allowing the Portering Supervisors to transition into a new role as Portering Duty Managers and perform management duties far more valuable to the Trust. Portering Management uses Data Analysis functionality in ServicePRO on a daily basis to extract information regarding performance. Using this new wealth of information, they have established SLAs with the departments they service, and can easily track their compliance and release this information to those departments for review. This information can also be used to provide feedback on porter performance and also to predict times of increased load to schedule additional porters accordingly. Porters themselves have enjoyed their new level of accountability, as exceptional performance of individuals and the department as a whole can be recognized by management.

The Portering Services department has branded their utilization of ServicePRO as the Pennine Portering Request Service (PPRS) and has received the 2015 Innovation Award from the Health, Estates & Facilities Management Association (HefmA) for their outstanding implementation.

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Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is one of the larger school districts in the country, with 72,000 students across 131 different schools. The system employs 7,700 teachers and 4,100 support staff. And last term, the board answered more than 100,000 phone calls from parents.

Getting technical support in the Nashville system used to depend on who you knew. So MNPS decided to add more support staff, along with a call center to handle inquiries from parents. But that meant retraining everyone in the community to trust the new system.

MNPS was already using ServicePRO help desk software, and the software easily scaled up to cover the expanded support team. Today, MNPS has 172 ServicePRO . Technicians can prioritize issues to make best use of their time, while managers monitor their schools and see detailed reports. Best of all, everyone understands that their problems will get prompt, fair attention..


“I really like ServicePRO. I've had nothing but compliments on it. I think we've made a good choice. It's not too big for us to understand, but we're not going to outgrow it within two or three years.” - Roger Thomas

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The Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative (WREC) is the world's largest non-profit electric utility, with 180,000 customers in West Central Florida just north of Tampa Bay. The Co-op was planned in 1941 but construction of its grid was interrupted by WWII. Today, the Coop sells more than 200 million KWH per month with the lowest energy prices in the Tampa Bay area.

Every month, more customers move into the utility's service area. As a cooperative where every subscriber is a part owner, WREC's mission is to deliver top-notch service at rockbottom prices. That means finding the most efficient way to handle 500 help calls a month from 375 end users who need support on PC and mainframe applications, as well as the WAN that links together the Co-op's multiple locations.

The utility replaced two outdated systems - Track-It! and a home-grown dBASE equivalent - with ServicePRO help desk software.

The solution gave support reps more flexible operations, and enabled managers to easily generate detailed reports on help desk performance. As the utility grows, ServicePRO will help balance the load between end users and IT resources.

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INOVA FCU is a federally insured credit union established in 1942 and headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana. They serve over 30,000 members and the employees of more than 500 companies throughout the United States and provide 8 branch locations across 3 states, supplemented by a partner network of 4,000 branches and 35,000 free ATMs.

INOVA FCU has been a client of Help Desk Technology Corporation since 2009 and uses ServicePRO for Change Management and Service Desk Management.

INOVA FCU needed a system to handle Change Management and Service Desk Management within their organization, as well as a method for monitoring their progress. Change Management is important in managing alterations made to IT products, services, and procedures.

INOVA FCU needed ways to track and report these critical changes, ensuring the necessary prerequisites were present before proceeding to the next task. Their IT staff needed a robust system, usable across multiple departments. Not only did the solution need to keep track of their cases, but they needed it to be effective in meeting their Service Level Objectives (SLOs).

Using ServicePRO, INOVA FCU designed a custom form for Change Management requests to categorize and elucidate the nature of a requested change. These requests track the progress of pending changes, and their status is reviewed weekly.

In addition, ServicePRO provided INOVA FCU with the ability to design skill-based queues, and set up categories to structure their service desk operations. Submitted and updated requests could provide valuable information for reporting on Service Desk activities.

By using one unified system for both Change Management and Service Desk Management, INOVA FCU is able to easily review and track the work of their entire IT department in one location. With ServicePRO’s Data Analysis feature, INOVA FCU uses specially-designed custom reports for effective identification of SLO statuses and request management. These visual indicators allow the staff to effectively track SLO performance for Service Desk requests.

ServicePRO provides a variety of ways to design queues and categories to structure service desk operations and manage service requests, empowering INOVA FCU’s support reps with tools for monitoring and reporting on their Service Desk. These tools ensure major processes are always being tracked, improving overall work efficiency and productivity.

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BlueScope Steel is a global leader in premium-branded, coated and painted steel products, and is the third largest manufacturer of painted and coated steel products globally. BlueScope Buildings North America is the number one pre-engineered steel buildings manufacturer, supplying buildings in key markets for conventional, commercial, industrial and community markets.

Previously, BlueScope’s support department received and handled all tickets through email, making it difficult to search for previous issues efficiently.  As the sheer volume of tickets grew, the team realized that email ticketing was not a feasible solution.

The team wanted to move away from users emailing support reps directly, and intended on implementing a centralized support desk with collaborative workflows, document management, full ticket tracking, search capabilities, and complete visibility of the entire support desk.

BlueScope Buildings NA implemented ServicePRO in 2005 as their support desk.  Ticket resolution times improved immediately after implementation, and support reps now had a way to easily track and record multiple channels of communication, further enhancing performance of their support desk.

After seeing the capabilities of ServicePRO, and realizing the benefits it could bring to other departments such as automation and project management, ServicePRO was adopted company-wide.

Processes like hiring new employees became streamlined with Project Templates, allowing workflows to not only notify system departments, but also security and facilities, and even send a notice to a credit card queue. This allowed all necessary steps to be completed in a timely manner, allowing new hires to hit the ground running as soon as they set foot in the door.

With ServicePRO, BlueScope Buildings NA now has complete visibility across their entire organization’s help desk processes. Automation rules helps them manage the large volume of tickets they receive by automatically routing requests to the correct department, and notifying the proper people. Multiple system email accounts have enabled BlueScope to easily bring in other divisions, and provide a convenient way to segment the tickets coming in.

“Before ServicePRO we had to look through piles of paper for previous issues.  Now we have the search capabilities to quickly find the answers we need.”– Randy Long, Support Desk Administrator

“Resolutions times have greatly been cut down since implementing ServicePRO.”

“Our external and internal Auditors have been extremely easy to deal with on account validations, due to the ticket information we store; before, it was a nightmare.”



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StuyTown Property Services is based in New York City and handles the property management of Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village, a 110 building residential complex on the east side of Manhattan.

StuyTown handles thousands of new leases each year, while also managing all resident issues on property. StuyTown Property Services has been a client of Help Desk Technology Corporation since 2014, and uses ServicePRO Cloud.

Prior to using ServicePRO, StuyTown communicated with residents mainly with Microsoft Outlook, requiring numerous public calendars and a constant inflow of emails. This made it difficult to track resident requests over time. Communications had to be explicitly forwarded to others to be viewed, occasionally leading to communications being missed or tasks being forgotten.

Due to these inefficiencies it was nearly impossible to track recurring problems and intervene on requests breaching SLA as this information only existed in one individual’s inbox.

StuyTown has implemented ServicePRO in their Legal, Accounting, and Resident Services departments. StuyTown discovered that a resident’s move-in experience had a dramatic effect on their overall opinion of the property. Move-Ins are now processed in ServicePRO as project requests, dividing a project into multiple tasks that can each be allocated to the appropriate department.

ServicePRO’s project functionality enables the creation of hierarchical structures, consisting of requests, and subfolders for efficient management of multi-task projects; sub-tasks in a project can be set as independent from other tasks, or interdependent on each other, and can trigger the creation of new tasks once these dependencies are satisfied.

ServicePRO is also used to track resident issues. Each issue is submitted as a request in ServicePRO and is associated with the resident of record. These requests are automatically escalated to a higher level 24 hours after submission through the use of Business Rules, ensuring a timely response is received by both residents.

ServicePRO is also used to directly process email from residents and dispatch it to the relevant department, whether it be Resident Services, Legal, or Accounting. This is useful and convenient for residents to quickly get answers to questions.

StuyTown has used ServicePRO to significantly improve the efficiency of their customer service, through increased transparency, accountability and collaboration.

By handling new move-Ins as ServicePRO projects, the Management and Resident Welcome teams have real-time, on-demand access to the progress of all move-ins with pending tasks at each building, allowing full accountability and a simple way to get a status on what was once a very complicated process. Business Rules enable issue escalation and allow a representative to view residents’ entire issue log. Representatives can also use social features within ServicePRO, such as Quick Messages, to communicate regarding specific requests and collaborate towards the resolution of an issue.

"StuyTown has implemented ServicePRO in their Legal, Accounting, and Resident Services departments. ‘Taking communication happening in people’s email and putting it all in one place."

– Gregg Haverstick, Senior Director of IT, StuyTown Property Services

ServicePRO has allowed us to take issues that were once fragmented without any transparency and streamline them into a well-documented task.”

– Gregg Haverstick, Senior Director of IT, StuyTown Property Services


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The Opportunity Alliance is a non-profit Community Action Agency serving individuals, families and communities across Cumberland County, Maine. The Opportunity Alliance provides programming including Early Childhood Education, Family and Community Supports, Mental Health Services, Crisis Intervention and Prevention, Information and Referrals, along with numerous other community initiatives.

The Opportunity Alliance has been a client of Help Desk Technology Corporation since 2006 and uses ServicePRO as a Help Desk Ticketing solution.

The Opportunity Alliance found that they were receiving numerous requests a day requesting information on setting up an account or resetting a password for their online payroll application. They found themselves responding to each of these requests the same way, unnecessarily tying up support resources, and looked for a more efficient solution.

Using ServicePRO Automation features, they designed a rule to automatically identify these payroll application-related requests and send the corresponding response.

This was accomplished by searching for keywords in email subjects used to generate the request. The rule would also automatically dispatch the request to the correct location and categorize it accordingly. Once this rule had run, support staff

By automating this process, The Opportunity Alliance reduced staff time required to handle these requests significantly, and also ensured a timely, standardized solution was sent to all users requesting the same service.

“The biggest benefit is the amount of time that it has saved the payroll staff. They no longer have to dispatch and manually respond to those requests. ServicePRO takes care of 99% of those types of requests.” - Carole Swenson, Desktop Support Administrator, The Opportunity Alliance

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Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (PVSC) is an agency of the State of New Jersey. Formed in 1902, PVSC was created as a means to alleviate pollution and treat wastewater for the Passaic River and its tributaries. The treatment plant has been modernized and expanded numerous times since its original opening in 1924, and now serves 48 municipalities across north-eastern New Jersey.

PVSC has been a client of ServicePRO since 2007 and is currently using ServicePRO Cloud as a Help Desk Ticketing Solution for their Technical Support team, as well as Work Management for their Application and Programmer teams.

PVSC’s IT department develops internal applications for the agency, a task handled by the Application and Programmer teams.

With PVSC’s previous helpdesk solution, collaboration between these departments and Technical Support was difficult – it was time-consuming to create new bug reports as they were discovered, and associating bugs reported by users with existing bug reports. PVSC was also eager to move away from an on-premises solution to ServicePRO Cloud in order to reduce infrastructure costs and risk, as well as reduce the need for server maintenance.

PVSC chose to move from personal queues to a skill-based queue system. By having shared queue folders for specific teams and skillsets within those teams, PVSC reduced the detrimental impact of individual support rep unavailability, as other reps are also notified of updates to all requests in their shared queues and can easily collaborate.

Supervisors and management can use Business Rule notifications within ServicePRO to be alerted via email when a request is not assigned to a representative within a reasonable amount of time, or when too much time has been spent working on a request. These reliable and timely alerts allow quick intervention to avoid SLA breach, leading to a dramatic improvement in response and resolution times.

By introducing their Application and Programmer teams to ServicePRO, they are able to closely track the progress of development through custom project templates, and also the time spent by individual developers on specific tasks. This provides management with a simple and accurate overview of their project’s status. Additionally, Technical Support reps are now able to associate discovered bugs directly with development requests and easily track their status.

Through the use of a new queue structure and business rules, PVSC was able to build out intelligent notifications for each department sent only to the relevant employees. This has raised the signal-to-noise ratio of emails received, and reduced the tendency of employees to miss important notifications as they mistakenly assumed they were irrelevant.

By tracking development progress and bugs within ServicePRO, documentation of their internal applications has increased dramatically, as developer notes provide easily accessible and searchable objective references to use when writing. It is also much simpler to track individual incidence of errors with an application, identify the root causes and fix associated bugs.

“It really enabled us to streamline our staff. Having the application cloud hosted has given us peace of mind that we can access the application anywhere at any time.” – Rocco Mandaglio PVSC’s IT department appreciates knowing that their ServicePRO environment is securely and reliably hosted by Help Desk Technology Corporation in its ServicePRO Cloud. This eliminates the need for more resources on-premises, and also ensures they have access to the critical information in ServicePRO in case of outage in their facility.

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Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) is a district of 95 schools, serving over 45,000 primary and secondary school students across the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area and employing approximately 4000 members of staff. They handle 1600 – 2200 requests per month between 70 support reps.

OKCPS has been a client of ServicePRO since 2001 and uses ServicePRO in several departments, including Finance, Student Assistance Services, Educational Services, Enterprise Services and Network Services. Information tracked in ServicePRO consists of General Tech Support Requests, Network Support Requests, Student System Assets, and Documentation. ServicePRO is used in a variety of roles by different departments, such as Customer Relationship Management, Work Management and Help Desk Ticketing.

A driving factor in the implementation of ServicePRO was a desire to follow ITIL practices and also to ensure all work is documented in a central location. “Almost everything is handled through ServicePRO and documented. If it isn’t written down, then it didn’t happen.” – Eric Hileman, Executive Director of IT, OKCPS

OKCPS IT faced a common operational dilemma: how to handle a seemingly never-ending flow of requests while still ensuring all requests are addressed in a reasonable amount of time, regardless of their complexity. It was a common occurrence for support reps to pick and choose simpler requests to inflate their statistics, rather than handling requests by priority and age, as there was no differentiation between them. This meant difficult requests piled up in the system, causing morale issues for representatives who felt overwhelmed, and this also meant many requests were overlooked and left unresolved.

OKCPS knew they had a problem, but they had the means to resolve it with ServicePRO. Their first step was to design their Organizational Hierarchy, giving each school it’s own queue folder. This allowed them to use Business Rules to route incoming requests to the correct location based upon the Requester’s Organizational Unit.

Automating this process helped to cut down on the time spent by representatives manually dispatching requests, and also made it simpler to research request history for an individual school to identify recurring problems and potential areas for improvement. The second step was to revamp their service catalog. This allowed them to clearly define the services provided, and also to track time and expense for each request type.

For example, the ‘New Laptop Deployment’ request type was created, allowing them to create User Defined Fields to record additional information from the requester at the time of submission, such as the type of user and software to be loaded. Similar request types were created for cellphone and printer deployment. More complex tasks, such as ‘Principal Onboarding’, were turned into Project Templates, allowing them to allocate individual requests in the project to different teams.

Doing so streamlined the process, allowing multiple teams to work on their individual tasks concurrently while still making it easy for stakeholders to check the overall status of the project despite the compartmentalization. Based upon this success, OKCPS is now looking to implement a Change Management project in ServicePRO to track approval and deployment of changes to core IT infrastructure.

Overall, OKCPS used ServicePRO to enhance their accountability, transparency and efficiency. “I need the accountability that we have received the request and are able to work on it as quickly as possible, money and people are few and far between, and I need to work smarter. ServicePRO allows me to accomplish this.” - Eric Hileman, Executive Director of IT, OKCPS ServicePRO helped to foster an open culture within the OKCPS IT department, where nobody is attempting to hide information or dodge responsibility.

Any work completed is recorded, and there is no longer any question as to what was done and who did it. By automating with ServicePRO Business Rules, OKCPS eliminated the tedious and time-consuming task of manually dispatching requests. These business rules are used to place requests in the correct queue folder automatically after being submitted, removing the need for a human operator who could be put to better use, and also preventing the bottleneck often caused by human intervention at this stage.

Developing a queue structure separated by location has improved the ability of the IT department to track trends and identify recurring problems at each school individually. Since the dispatching of requests is handled automatically by ServicePRO, even when support staff are under heavy load, this queue structure allows management to easily view all requests currently open for a school in real-time and allocate IT resources as needed.

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Jamestown Community College (JCC) is located in south-western New York State with campuses in Jamestown, NY and Olean, NY, as well as extension centers in Dunkirk, NY and Warren, PA. They have approximately 3,000 students and nearly 300 members of faculty. JCC has been a client of Help Desk Technology Corporation since 2000.

They currently use ServicePRO for Help Desk Ticketing, handling approximately 1000 requests per month between 6 technicians. “ServicePRO helped us deliver efficient and cost effective tech support to our end users, which allows us to manage our Tech Support team more effectively and thus reducing costs in time and effort by these technicians.” – Dave Gibson, Help Desk Technician, JCC

Prior to implementing HelpSTAR (the precursor to ServicePRO), JCC suffered from a lack of documentation on their help desk processes. As they did not have a ticketing system, there was no way to track who was working on a particular request, leading to constant duplication of effort as numerous technicians would end up responding to a single issue.

This void of process and collaboration made it difficult to record the work of technicians in an effective and accessible manner, and also presented difficulty when attempting to track the performance of individual technicians or identify support trends to improve their processes. JCC recognized this was holding them back, and sought out a Help Desk Ticketing solution to meet their needs. They needed a way to track work on requests by technicians, and also a means for data analysis of their help desk to improve processes and identify recurring problems.

JCC addressed these challenges by collaborating with ServicePRO to implement the workflow management solution. “You guys make me look good.” – Dave Gibson, Help Desk Technician, JCC A primary concern was to ensure that all requests are recorded and trackable by the end user immediately upon submission to prevent requests from falling through the cracks.

Requests are now logged directly in ServicePRO by the user through email, voicemail, and the Self Service Portal available on desktop and mobile platforms. Users also have the option call in and speak to a live operator who will submit the request on their behalf. Once the request is logged, JCC used the automation capabilities of Business Rules to dispatch requests to the pertinent technician and also notify them via email.

This allows technicians to be informed of their assigned work immediately, even when they are away from the application. The technician is then able to record the details of the work performed in the request, as well as communicate via email with the end user from the request, ensuring all correspondence is recorded in a central location.

After the request has been submitted, the user may track the progress of their request through email notifications or the Self Service Portal, giving them assurance their issue is being attended to and also useful information such as status updates and, once closed, resolution steps.

JCC has enjoyed the efficient and cost-effective support that ServicePRO enables them to provide to their end users. “I am excited about using ServicePRO every day because not only is it great software, but it has great support on the back end.” – Dave Gibson, Help Desk Technician, JCC Students, Faculty and staff can enter their requests at any time or location through the Self Service Portal.

Currently over 40% of all service requests are submitted through the Self Service Portal which frees up the Help Desk Technician to receive and respond to additional calls directly. Technicians also use the Self Service Portal extensively as it allows them to update, close and be informed of new requests as they make their rounds on the campus.

Data Analysis in ServicePRO is used extensively to track the efficiency, performance and workload of their technicians, both individually and overall. This information is helpful in tracking SLA performance and also provides real world, accurate statistics to be used in allocating their IT budget. By analyzing the request metadata provided by ServicePRO, they are able to find recurring issues through properties such as category, request type and the requester’s organizational unit to identify and resolve the root problem.

“[ServicePRO] provides software with all the options needed to support our JCC Help Desk, and when you do have an issue, rare and far in-between, ServicePRO is there quickly and resolves the issue fast so that we can continue to provide to our customers the technical support they require.” – Dave Gibson, Help Desk Technician, JCC

Beyond the features and capabilities of ServicePRO, JCC relies on the support of ServicePRO Technical Services and Professional Services Consultants to provide prompt and reliable support, both in adapting ServicePRO to their needs and ensuring the continued performance and functionality of the application.

They have been provided assistance with product upgrades, server migrations, SQL performance tuning, implementation of the recent upgrade to the Self Service Portal and creation of custom reports and queries. Going forward, JCC would like to expand their use of ServicePRO to utilize the Purchasing and Asset Management functionality.

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Veale Wasbrough Vizards (VWV) is a full-service commercial law firm that provides legal services to businesses, including those operating in sectors such as Aerospace and Defence, Healthcare, Charities, Energy and Utilities, Education, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Family-owned Businesses, Public, Recruitment, Starts Ups, Technology and Private Wealth.

The firm also provides a dedicated service to private individuals for s Personal Injury, Private Client and Residential Conveyancing. The IT department supports approximately 450 users across four locations in London, Watford, Bristol and Birmingham. VWV has been a client of Help Desk Technology Corporation since 2007 and uses ServicePRO for Help Desk Ticketing.

VWV’s main challenge is providing support to ~450 users with a team of eight IT staff, which includes three Developers, three IT Support Technicians and two Infrastructure Administrators.

The IT department is responsible for supporting internally developed software, as well as products like Microsoft Office and hardware at each site, such as workstations, phones, and printers.

VWV makes use of the Self-Service Web Portal, allowing users to submit requests online. The firm also processes incoming help desk emails with ServicePRO, automatically creating a request.

Using automation features available in ServicePRO, all incoming requests are automatically sent to IT first line support where the request is handled by one of three IT Support Technicians, who are notified of the request via email. If first line support cannot address the issue, they then forward the request to the Development or Infrastructure team.

Once the request has been passed, the relevant team is then sent an email notification of the escalation so they may address it immediately. In the outlying cases where users request support by phone or in-person, the request can easily be submitted on their behalf from within ServicePRO, at which point the normal chain of automation and alerts will take place.

By allowing users to submit requests without directly contacting an IT Support Technician, VWV is able to increase efficiency and prevent tying up their IT personnel unnecessarily, allowing them to focus on problem resolution. In the event of direct contact, support can still manually log requests for the user, preventing undocumented work and support from becoming an issue.

Utilizing ServicePRO automation features, VWV can provide a timely response by IT support and also ensure full situational awareness through immediate email notification. “The benefits to the firm is that they get an efficient and timely response to their IT service request, within SLA. We concentrate our resource where it is needed in terms of specific software/hardware or office location.” - James Lipiec, Systems Developer, Veale Wasbrough Vizards .

VWV makes use of categories in ServicePRO to track requests relating to specific hardware or software. This allows the IT team to use ServicePRO’s data analysis features to build reports and charts, giving insight into areas where support is most often requested. This way, the IT team can focus their resources in those areas, and fix root problems by upgrading software, contacting vendors for solutions or upgrading hardware. The same data analysis features are used to track support incidents by location.

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ServicePRO Testimonials
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“ServicePRO has the flexibility to fit in company wide, and lets us track and perform whatever it is we need to do.”

~Tom Perkins, Manager of Outside Participation Systems, MGM


“ServicePRO has allowed us to take issues that were once fragmented without any transparency and streamline them into a well-documented task.”

 ~ Gregg Haverstick, Senior Director of IT, StuyTown Property Services


“The biggest benefit is the amount of time that it has saved the payroll staff. They no longer have to dispatch and manually respond to those requests. ServicePRO takes care of 99% of those types of requests.”

- Carole Swenson, Desktop Support Administrator, The Opportunity Alliance


“ServicePRO has helped to centralize how tickets were submitted for our work orders. It had enabled us to watch the status of the work order from start to finish.”

– Bruce Sehorn, Sr. IT Manager, Mt. Hood Community College


“The benefits to the firm is that they get an efficient and timely response to their IT service request, within SLA. We concentrate our resource where it is needed in terms of specific software/hardware or office location.”

- James Lipiec, Systems Developer, Veale Wasbrough Vizards


“Utilizing ServicePRO’s customized form and fields to capture change-specific detail which are presented utilizing ServicePRO’s customized reports capability to produce effective change management reporting.

– Robert Buchanan, Risk Officer