Biggest Customer Service Mistakes

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Biggest Customer Service Mistakes

For a business to succeed, one of the most important factors is not just the product or service that they offer but the customer service that they offer. Considering today’s economy and the tough market, Customer Service can single-handedly beat your competition and make you stand out.

If you feel that you are continuously receiving complaints from your customers and they are unhappy, that is the time when you should step up your Customer Service game and make efforts to retain your customers.

Handling unhappy customers and satisfying them is a straightforward process, but there are a lot of companies that still get it wrong. Here are five of the most critical yet direct points which will help you take your Customer Service game to the next level:

Biggest Customer Service Mistakes

Biggest Customer Service Mistakes

Staff trainingYou should never compromise with the training needs of your staff, who are directly dealing with your clients. These are the brand ambassadors of your company and are highly responsible for the company’s reputation. Therefore, while hiring and training, they should be given the top priority. It doesn’t matter if your company requires just 3 or 300 Customer Service Representatives, what matters is that you should provide proper training for each one of them. Do not compromise on the staff training due to lack of time or resources. Repetitive mistakes from your Customer Service Representatives can lead to the downfall of your company. Therefore, the implementation of a mechanism wherein you can monitor and thereby improve the quality of the service provided is necessary.

Trying to argue with your customersOne of the worst mistakes that your staff can do is to argue with your customers. This is, undoubtedly, one of the most significant turns offs for any customer. This can instantly result in you losing the customer and also start a trail of negative reviews. These reviews can cause further downfall in sales.

Just keep one thing in mind – retaining an old customer happily costs five times less than getting a new one. So, one should never argue with the customer, no matter how wrong they are.

Failing on your promisesBe very careful about the choice of words that your customer service representative uses while talking to a customer. If they are sure that they can deliver it, only then should they promise it to the customer. Nothing can be worse than a promise being unfulfilled or broken. Instead of promising, train your employees to use a language and tone which shows that they are willing and trying to deliver, instead of a promise.

Passing around customersIf a customer calls in and their call is passed from one department to the other, it will surely annoy them. It is essential to attend to them at the earliest and provide them with a satisfactory solution. Therefore, you need to make sure that your customers have access to the correct contact information so that they reach out to the right department.

Forgetting basicsThis is a fundamental rule, yet there are a lot of businesses that suffer due to this. Train your staff to say a simple “Thank you”, “Please” or “We’re Sorry” to show empathy. This might look like a very petty thing but goes a long way in establishing the right brand image in the minds of the people. Doing this doesn’t cost you anything, and it can also come in as useful to calm down unhappy customers.

These are some of the most common yet crucial mistakes which businesses do, thus suffering losses. Just taking care of these essential things can help the company in the long run by building excellent relations with the customers. These customers then get converted into brand loyal customers and become an asset to the company.

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Biggest Customer Service Mistakes