Service Request Templates

Service Request Templates

You might come across many issues that are repetitive and always require the same type of information to be captured. For frequently occurring issues such as password resets, slow network, paralyzed printers, network connections, bugs, etc., ServicePRO facilitates creating templates that can be used for submitting requests. ServicePRO® Request Templates can save a lot of time and effort for the users submitting the request.

ServicePRO® Request Templates are great productivity boosters for increasing speed and reducing error rates. They also promote consistency and ensure that all the information required to act on commonly occurring tasks is provided without requiring back and forth communication between end-users and helpdesk staff.

When we initiate a request using a template, much of the required information is pre-filled for us.

For example, if we choose a Bug-type request from the drop-down:

Service Request Templates

The request is automatically routed to a quality assurance queue, its priority is set to critical, and the memo field is populated with preliminary data.

Business (and IT) process maturity reflects the ability to achieve repeatable quality results through standardization and automation.

The underlying principle and motivation for templates, whether for baking cookies or for following business processes is to achieve standardized outcome quickly and with as much automation as possible.

Thus with the help of our Request templates, you can provide quick solutions and improve the efficiency massively along with standardization of process.

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