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Service Request Management

Service Request Management

Service Request Management
Set alerts and notifications to keep your support - reps and customers updated in real-time.
My WorkSpace
Manage requests assigned to you and your team easily from one place.
Service Request
Easily create and manage service requests to effectively service your customers.

Service Design

Service Request Templates
Choose from different Service Request Templates to quickly and efficiently log new requests for common issues. ...
Project Templates
Choose from a variety of predefined project templates to manage multi-task activities and automate standard processes. ...
Custom Forms
Capture additional data to quickly resolve issues, lower resolution times and enhance reporting. ...

Collaborative Workflow

Collaborative Workflow
Email Collaboration
Never miss out on an important email with our integrated email function. Read More
Sync all your appointments and meetings with Microsoft Outlook and never miss anything using our smart calendar. Read More


Email Rules
Design the handling and automation of service requests created through inbound emails to quickly and efficiently respond to them. Read More
Business Rules
Automate your standard operations and workflows with customizable Business Rules. Read More
Data Analysis Easily create and schedule charts, queries and custom reports to measure your KPIs. ...
Asset Management and Purchasing
View, manage and control all your assets from one place using ServicePRO's efficient system. ...
Enterprise Features
Role Based Access Control Granularly control the access granted to all support reps and teams to enhance integrity and minimize organizational silos ...

ServicePRO Web

ServicePRO Web
Initiate, monitor and manage requests effortlessly from your mobile device. Read More
Self Service
Give your customers access to a 24/7 service desk with ServicePRO’s self service portal. Read More

Knowledge Management – Best Solutions

Knowledge Management – Best Solutions
Best Solution
Find solutions to all your queries from the vast collection of Knowledge Base Articles in ServicePRO. Read More
Capture, store and manage documents across the enterprise with enhanced security measurements. Read More