Custom Forms

Custom Forms

There are a lot of benefits to using custom forms. They contain information which is precisely tailored as per your needs. When you design custom forms, you will be adding fields to capture additional information. You will also be specifying how they will be used and their behaviour in the future. It will determine the kind of data that they will contain and how it will be organized and presented.

Custom Forms help to ensure that the required data is collected properly and that it enhances the integrity of the database.

Clients often start using custom data in Service Requests. However, most ServicePRO object types can be customized. Common examples of objects that are often customized include users, companies, assets, and more.

Custom form fields are useful in many situations. For example:

  1. Specifying requirements for setting up new employees.
  2. Designating senior employees as VIP’s so their requests ‘jump the queue.’
  3. Entering information which is unique to some objects, like network servers
  4. Collecting additional information that can help to solve a class of problems, like custom software.

Custom Forms

When you create custom forms, you can:

  1. Create ‘specialized’ requests, like bug requests, printer error requests, benefits inquiry requests, etc.
  2. Add custom fields grouped in tabs
  3. Reference other fields from other tables
  4. Design the ‘look and feel’ of the screen
  5. Search on custom form data
  6. Create charts and reports that include custom form data.