The Essentials of a Good Knowledge Base Article

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The Essentials of a Good Knowledge Base Article

Knowledge management can be defined as the process of creating, sharing, using, and managing the Knowledge and information of an organization. It refers to a multi-disciplinary approach towards achieving Organizational Objectives by making the best use of their Knowledge.

Knowledge Management is crucial for running a smooth and efficient service desk. It is of great help for your staff to resolve common help desk incidents. It also acts as a convenient self-help tool for your customers. Creating great Knowledge Base articles will boost the productivity of your staff. Besides, it will also ensure your customers are empowered to solve their problems.

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating Knowledge Base articles that are targeted at customers. Articles can be written more precisely and can answer the customer’s questions directly. Fortunately, with the right tools and concepts in mind, anyone can create an excellent Knowledge Base article.

The Essentials of a Good Knowledge Base Article

The first step is to sort through your repository of submitted customer issues. This can help to create concise and informative knowledge base articles, addressing the most common problems first. Once you have shortlisted some common questions, an initial draft of the article can be created. Next, put yourself in your reader’s shoes and understand where they might get stuck or confused, and rewrite those sections with additional directions.

Having a Knowledge Base article is essential, but it is more important to have it in the right format. There are a few unsaid rules and guidelines which you should follow while creating such an article for your brand. Here are some valuable tips for writing a good Knowledge Base article:

The Essentials of a Good Knowledge Base Article

Never assume the customer knows what you are talking about:

The most important thing to keep in mind when writing a knowledge base article is to be as specific as possible in your explanation of the problem and the solution. Assume that your customer doesn’t know a single thing about your topic and explain accordingly. Clearly and concisely state every single detail you can think of while avoiding advanced terminology and jargon.

Keep it simple:

No one likes to read overly crowded and wordy documents. Keep your article simple and get your message across in layman’s terms where possible. For clarity and flow, it is also helpful to divide your paragraphs using header titles. If you have the option of explaining your point using a screenshot instead of text, use the screenshot. This makes your article easier to follow and gives the user the impression that you have first-hand experience of the issue and can help them fix it.

Keep it organized:

Ensure your article is neatly and correctly organized. Always keep in mind that the article should be arranged logically, in chronological order. Ensure the problem being discussed stays the main focus of the article, and attention is not diverted into other less critical side issues.

It is important to note that a solid knowledge base article can significantly reduce workload. But, a poorly written one can cause unnecessary confusion, customer complaints, and queries. Knowledge is power, but miscommunication of that Knowledge can be costly. You should choose to create a knowledge base article only if you are confident that your instructions will help deliver the solution.

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